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压力已被证明会损害我们的身心健康。对抗压力最有效的方法之一就是从事艺术。研究表明,绘画、涂鸦、着色和简单地创作 20 多分钟就能降低皮质醇。最好的部分是,无需先前的艺术经验即可获得这些好处。


坚持不懈地练习艺术,只需45 分钟,就能让所有年龄段的人都感到有成就感。创造力让我们自我感觉良好。它验证了我们独特的想法和将想法转化为实物的能力。花时间从事业余爱好和手工艺,通常会让我们产生自我价值感和对自己能力的信心。考虑一下编织或弹钢琴等活动吧!





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Ways to Practice Self-Care through Art

Use Art as a Release

A common exercise to utilize art for release is to first represent things you want to let go of as words, drawings, colors, or images on a blank canvas. Then you can burn it, rip it up, cover it up with something new that inspires you, throw it away, put it in water, or destroy it in any way you please.

Respond through Art

In the same way that releasing through art can help us overcome difficulties, it can also be used to cope with pain and negative feelings. Some examples include writing to a loved one that hurt you or taking photos of a place that used to hold meaning to you. It is also helpful to find a piece of art you connect with such as music, writing, or a painting, and to then utilize this inspiration to create something of your own as an emotional response. Understanding what you are trying to capture through this piece and breaking down how it makes you feel can be beneficial to this analysis.

Mindful Creativity

Art doesn’t require thought, it can be a free-flowing creative process. To practice mindful art, you can simply start creating or choose a piece of art as inspiration for your own creation. Block out the other thoughts and distractions in your life and give yourself a set amount of time to make art or enjoy it.

Collage your Thoughts or Visions

Some people find it difficult or don’t enjoy the practice of drawing, painting, or writing but there are endless ways to practice art. You can create a collage that expresses what you’re feeling about a specific situation to process your emotions and thoughts. You may also collage a vision board to focus on the future and use photos that excite you. All you need are some magazines, newspapers, or old images around your house.

Color a Feeling Wheel

Leah Guzman is an art therapist who wrote a book on further practices in essential art therapy, and an exercise she champions is to develop a color feeling wheel to deal with emotions. It starts by drawing a circle then dividing it into eighths and writing one emotion in each section, then pick a color that represents that feeling and color the section in. Afterwards, pay attention to which emotions were associated with which colors, the feelings you wrote first, and how this is applicable to your everyday life.


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